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The Best Residential Solar Solution

With the most practical functions, remote diagnosis & upgrade and plug & play connectors, this hybrid inverter helps you economize on the time-consuming installations and maintenance with minimized efforts. Its compact design saves your space, while its slim appearance fits your house aesthetics. In addition, this hybrid inverter can be installed as a pure solar inverter now, and retrofit storage later with the lead-acid battery (Split Application) or our lithium battery (All-in-one Application) and can be easily expanded at any time.

5kw true hybrid inverter with 5kw battery (lifepo4) included

Perfect for solar installations and/or a seamless back up energy supply at home for load shedding

  • 2x MPPT's
  • kWP: 7500W
  • Energy Storage: 5kWh - usable: 4.8kWh
  • High quality battery - Lifepo
  • 20 year expected lifespan on battery
  • True Hybrid, bi-directional: blends Solar Energy with Eskom; even when grid energy is available, it will prioritise solar energy usage
  • Pays for itself (with PV)

     Shipping included


Livoltek 5kW True Hybrid Inverter

R65 000,00Price
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